This is a personal website which changes every now and then as my interests change and evolve. It includes several lengthy articles and one draft of a book on various aspects of academic librarianship in the face of commodification and competition by our own vendors, with an eye toward how we might create a more compelling, unique and engaging online experience for academic library users.

This site also includes a few articles about museum cataloging standards inspired by an attempt on the part of the Getty Museum and OCLC to apply descriptive cataloging standards (called CCO, Cataloging Cultural Objects) to museum objects to allow for record sharing, aggregation of cultural object data and interoperability in the same way libraries do. Last, it will include lecture notes from World Literature I (coming soon).

See my About page if you want to know the meaning of my Latin motto. (Note: The reason I even have a Latin motto is that I have also taught Latin at a private Catholic school where my elementary school students created a motto and a coat of arms as part of a fun class activity.)

Thanks for stopping by!