sample Blog post

I haven’t been blogging. Well, I have been, but as part of my now book-length Philosophy of Librarianship, which should be either broken down into many separate blog posts or shortened into one long article. As is, it is a string of mini articles or book chapters tangentially connected by various trends in academic librarianship today. I took it down recently, even though I seemed to be getting many hits on that page and got cited in a book.

Many librarians blog as part of their professional activity. Many of us write and publish articles about our own libraries to share information, like Indians sending up smoke signals. Some of us have faculty status, which in theory (but not in practice), gives us permission to be a bit more outspoken about the goings on it our workplaces.

I do not blog now, primarily because after doing it for a few years, I realized that whatever I say about libraries or working in them, no matter how philosophical, idealistic, insightful, or abstract, could be construed as criticism of my own library. It just makes people nervous.

No, I did not get into trouble! No one said anything to me about blogging. However, when started losing sleep over how things might be perceived by others, I opted for discretion and reconsidered blogging about my professional life as a librarian. I know several librarians who do, and one inspiring “Annoyed Librarian” whose blog everyone enjoys reading.

I may blog about teaching World Literature down the road. . . or the world of dollhouse miniatures . . . or something else totally innocuous.