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I don’t blog.

I started to, and it morphed into a book-length Aesthetic Philosophy of Librarianship. It started out as a contemplation of what makes a good library good for users, and to develop an objective assessment framework around that. I wanted to restart the conversation about library goodness in the digital age, what comprises it, rather than strategize how we can demonstrate our value through non-library-centric assessment standards, which is the trend now.

My general point is, or was, that if you (we librarians) continue to employ non-library-centric standards to the evaluation of libraries we will eventually end up with something that is not a library except in name. . . a theme which is probably very small potatoes to most people who are a.) not librarians, b.) don’t have need for libraries (and less for librarians), and c.) have no need to even think about them, which is 99% of everyone today. Many librarians blog, but do so anonymously.

I do not blog now, primarily because after doing it for a few years, I finally realized that whatever I have to say about libraries or working in them could be construed as criticism of my own library. And I have enough to worry about without adding to it what someone might think of my philosophy of librarianship.

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